Monday, August 24, 2009

OMG Resin BJD Bleuette Came!!!

OMG the feel of this sturdy resin BJD is so incredible! I am knocked out by how well made she is, and how lovely all the accessories are that came with her! Truly a Darling new doll.

Its so much fun to change her wigs and eyes too - and now I MUST make earrings as I didnt think to order those. The workmanship on the clothes is first rate as well - more pics coming!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hitty Ivory's New Dress!

Our first ever attempts at sewing a dress, on a vintage Singer Featherweight 221K. the pattern is by Paulette Morrisey. Glass items are wonderful Hitty finds from Corning New York. A tiny ship in a bottle and a handblown glass heart vase in a bottle.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Beloved Travel Hitty Georgina

Guthrie Shawl made by me

Hitty Carved by Connie Hardt - (ebay stonedragon44) from amazing faux ivory with love as she does with every doll she creates

Hitty Buzby New Enthusiastic Scout!

Hitty Buzby in her "New" Vintage Scout Uniform created by HittyCouture!

and practicing her fire starting skills!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today Preble Beach got the most amazing new Friends!!!

They came with the following delightful letter;

"Dear Preble Beach Hitty's;

Greetings from Missouri - Let me introduce us - we are Hitty Joy and Cousin Ida - Perhaps you have heard of our rescue efforts on behalf of Hickory Tots? Very recently a few have been found clinging to tiny sheep?! We have no idea where these wee animals come from - but there they are - and thus our dilemma----.

Finding a home for orphan waifs AND sheep!! Our person told us that you had commented on a certain black sheep we placed successfully. That was all we needed to hear! We are sure you will grow to love the enclosed little ones - (we do so hope this!) They were found in a clearing - The little sheep was grazing, and the tot was napping. Both were rather bedraggled - we did a little grooming, and a little sewing. They are neat and tidy - Both are quite affectionate.

Thank you for allowing us to presume on your good nature - Sincerely Hitty Joy and Cousin Ida

P.S. The sheep is trained and reliable in the house
not an accident in our humble plastic box."
WOW - we are SOOO Delighted!!! Hitty Buzby took lil Hickory Tot right in her lap, and Bubba Black Sheeplet leapt right in Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They have been Inseparable and of course in Preble Beach Black Sheep are welcome inside everywhere - and to all the lovely gardens as well! So keep tuned for plenty more pics of Bubba Black Sheep and our beloved new Hickrory Tot!!!
Thank YOU Hitty Joy and Cousin Ida!!!! - Much Love, Hitty Buzby and All!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Spring from Hitty Buzby!

Hitty Buzby kickin back in her new bedroom in her evolving Preble Beach Lighthouse. She is playing with her PIF gifties Flat Stanley and Hitty paperdoll sent by her buddies the Capitol City Hitty's. JOC's Frieda the guinea pig is loving her new digs, as is Angel Baby Monkey. JOC's awesome Hitty paperdoll is making a lovely dress form. Fung's so lovely PIF comforter is making for a very colorful and beautiful playmat. Awesome Raggedy Ann was made by????????? - Oooh will update when I remember!

The bedspread, and new cape and bonnet were crocheted by Me!

And to our Special Friend - Thank YOU for the Wonderful Easter Basket!!!
Happy Spring Everyone!!!