Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hitty Buzby @ the Cirque De Soleil !

Hitty Buzby enjoyed a very exciting evening the other night with her very own VIP pass to the Cirque De Soleil performance of Kooza - WOW!!!!

Before we left she was beside herself with Joy and Excited Anticipation! Here she is in her special Circus dress - and with her brand new Raggedy Ann doll that came in the mail just before we left. I did finally convince her it was safer to leave Ann home and tell her all about it later. Hitty Buzby finally decided she really didnt want to lose her brand new doll, and seemed quite excited about the prospect of reporting on all the doings and dones later to Raggedy Ann.

Hitty Buzby was truly impressed with all the tents set up!

As they didnt allow pics to be taken inside (we only risked that after the show!)

During Intermission Hitty Buzby decided she wants to join the circus and insisted on trying things on at the gift shop.

She was quite impressed with the masks;

So - Being Hitty - She Proudly Modeled One;

Hitty Felt Like a Star Onstage!

After the show she waved Goodbye to all the beautiful tents - her head filled with Circus Dreams and Wonders!

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